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CMD tuning - Hantronix
Site about hardware and software tuning SONY phones series
CMD - J5/J6/J7/J70/Z7.

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13.6.2006 New application Teapot (demo) - page Programy

27.5.2006 New program STXT manager v.0.31 - page Download

28.4.2006 New version STXT reader v.b11 - page Programy

28.3.2006 New application J.Alcomat v.1.2 - page Programy

27.3.2006 New version Sony S7 emulator v.0.2 - page Download

1.3.2006 New program Sony S7 emulator - page Download

28.2.2006 New program Sony image converter - page Download

27.2.2006 New version Compass v.1.2 - page Programy

31.1.2006 New version MEvents v.2.1 - page Programy

30.12.2005 New application Dziewczyna v.2.0 - page Programy

29.12.2005 New version MEvents v.2.0 - page Programy

30.11.2005 New version Compass v.1.1 - page Programy

29.10.2005 New program STXT Creator v.0.2 for Linux - page Download

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